For all the people i used to know
Saturday, November 23 09:02:00
For all the people i used to know,

I want to say that i don't care,
That we aren't friends anymore,
But i really, really do.

I'm sorry,
I pushed you away,
And i'm sorry i never got around to apologizing,
Because i don't think it's my fault,
And neither was it yours.

We grew apart,
You stopped trying,
And so i did too.

And all those times,
I said i was just tired,
It was not a lack of sleep,
But rather a lack of hope,
That you took with you,
When you left.

I want to say i don't miss you anymore,
But i think part of me always will.

And i keep telling myself it's okay that i lost you,
And that i will meet a million different people in my life time,
It's just deep down i know that,
I won't ever meet anyone like you.